ballgagged slut gets her feet canedMany slave girls thing that when they are about to have their first extreme BDSM scene that they can handle it.  They may have experienced public humiliation or a bit of pain but they have to be completely trained from scratch when they start to play with PD.  PD has very specific demands of his girls and he knows that they need severe actions to get trained properly.  Brutal BDSM will eventually be the only thing that really turns them on and PD is the perfect Master to teach them everything he knows about pain and pleasure and all the things that come in between.

submissive babe is fixed upside down and teased by mistressMany people think that when it comes to brutal BDSM, the ropes and metal constructions are what keep the girls in their place but anyone who has been there, like Rain Degrey, knows that it is a completely submissive attitude and a thorough willingness to please their Master.  Rain Degrey might be strapped upside down and bound with leather that bites into her delicate flesh but she knows that she is there by choice.  Her compliancy in this brutal BDSM scene has nothing to do with the ties that bind her and everything to do with the pain and pleasure.

nasty blond babe is restrained with streaper bars and suspended

There is not room for pride when it comes to extreme BDSM and Nicki Blue should know that by now.  If she didn’t know it before this scene she sure will after!  PD knows just how to strip a girl of everything she has, including her dignity.  Nicki loves every moment of the humiliation that he submits her to though and the pain is just the icing on the cake.  Nicki will never admit it but the extreme BDSM sessions that PD submits her to turn her on more than anything she has ever experienced in the world.  Why else would she misbehave so often?

slave hottie is fixed in predicament bondage with weights on her nipples

Sometimes slave sluts just don’t pay attention.  They are told to be quiet but they just can’t manage it.  Like Hailey.  In this brutal BDSM scene, everything that happens to her is a result of her impatience to wait it out.  If she’d just stayed quiet and waited, PD might not have been so harsh.  But she had to yell out and demand attention and attention is certainly what she got!  PD taught her a lesson and gave her all the attention she wanted and more in with some brutal BDSM thrown in there to make both him and her happy!

hot babe is fixed and tortured with electricity

Lorna is a wild thing and she loves the brutal BDSM that comes with playtime with PD.  You might not realize it from the sounds that you might hear though.  She loves to be vocal and she screams and hollers like a bitch in heat.  She whimpers as he teases her pussy with his fingers and yelps when she gets a good hard smack.  PD always has a great time with this plaything because the noise she makes is so very satisfying! This brutal BDSM scene will make you want more of this wild girl Lorna.  She loves the pain and torture that comes with all the pleasure.

curly blind is heavily whipped and fixed with inflatable gagIf there is one thing that PD hates it is a mouthy slave girl and when Nicki starts bitching at him he knows just how to shut her up.  He’s going to treat her to some of the most extreme BDSM that she’s ever encountered and if she’s never been brought to tears before this is the day it is going to happen.  He has the best devices for keeping sensitive parts exposed for his torturous fun!  He has her pussy completely spread wide open and she really doesn’t know what is coming next but you can see how wet she gets at the thought of the extreme BDSM that is to come!

cage with inflatable gag used to fix sexslavesExtreme BDSM gets really wild when PD gets Elise Graves in his dungeon.  PD is the king of metal work and he’s always got something new to try on his girls.  This time he’s got a head-cage that has Elise Graves quivering in fear.  She has no clue what he’s got in mind for her but you can be sure that some extreme BDSM is going to be the result.  He’s got full access to fuck her mouth and her arms are bound so she can’t even move.  Her head is completely immobile and PD is going to be able to totally have his way with her.

slave in face mask is supsended with hook

Juliette Black is a horny little slut that is always up for a new experience and when she met PD and he told her she was up for the experience of a lifetime she eagerly agreed to it.  She had no clue that he had extreme BDSM on the mind and she had no idea that she was going to end up locked in a cold room, shivering and not knowing what was going to happen next.  This extreme BDSM scene is going to drive you wild when you see the torture that PD has in mind for her.  Is she afraid?  Well, if she’s not she should be!

PD loves brutal BDSM and he’s about to turn Hazel on to it, too.  He’s ready to introduce his new toy – a implementation that can both hold a girl in the most uncomfortable position every plus leave her most sensitive parts exposed for a torturous experience.  Hazel was up for the game but she didn’t realize how very little game there was involved.  Brutal BDSM scenes are very real and Hazel is going to see that when she realizes that there really is not escape from PD’s sick and twisted mind.  The best part is that she’s going to find out how very thrilling it can be, too.

PD is quite enjoying his new little play toy, Juliette Black.  She’s new to extreme BDSM so she doesn’t realize that screaming and yelling won’t make a difference in the world because there is no one to hear her!  She can wiggle and squirm and try to get away from PD’s torture devices all she like but that won’t make a difference with the ropes she’s bound up in.  This girl asked to be treated like a slave and a slut and PD knows just how to do that.  By the time he is done with her she is going to be hooked on extreme BDSM.